Firetalking Scrying Audio


Your fire-talking scrying session features elemental insights and is an encouraging intuitive guidance/energy healing session.


Fire-talking Scrying session

Your fire-talking session is recorded with a personalised channelled message of intuitive guidance with the support of the fire element. This will be emailed to you as an MP3 file. There’s nothing you need to do. I don’t need any information from you – only your name. I record what I receive in the moment.

These sessions vary greatly and may contain guidance re releasing emotional stagnation, blocked feelings, creativity, your innate gifts and a blessing for your fatherline via the right ovary (or teste).

Every session is personalised to the individual. I work with either a candle flame or my firepit and scry/read the flame for you of what reveals itself. As one recipient said ‘well there’s the stream of inspiration and there’s the fire of revelation.’ 
These are seasonal and only available in limited time slots, as per the guidance I receive. Availability listed below and updated as the dates are revealed. Once the spots are full, that’s it until next time.

Last 2022 dates:

 + 10th October (new moon) + 25th October (lunar samhain)

8 + 9 August 2022  + 3 September + 23 September (booked out) + 13 July 2022 (booked out + 21 June 2022 (Solstice) + 30 May 2022 (booked out) + 16 May 2022 (booked out) + 10 May 2022 (booked out)

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