Goddess Alchemical Mist




An aromatic reminder: you are the Goddess!

Goddess for your mind, body, soul & sacred space

Sometimes you just need a little reminder. A burst of glitter and a heavenly aroma to transport you to the wisdom of your Goddess self.  

Claim and celebrate your innate feminine essence.  

Use as your natural perfume spray or when creating sacred space.

Also perfect to use for women’s sacred circles.

(I use this immediately after having a shower and set my intention. I prefer to use Magic Alchemical Mist
before meditating, writing or as a room spray.)  
Trust your own intuition 🙂 



Centre yourself, inhale deeply and hold the bottle gently against your heart or womb space.

Spray 3 times as a body spray or natural perfume
or above your head, in your auric field or when you are creating a sacred space.

Remind yourself (or any woman you are sharing space with) that the Goddess is within.


Say aloud as you spray:

I am the Goddess.
I am She.
The power of Shakti
flows through me.

Exhale and smile. Relax.


100% natural ingredients  ♥

Love, Jasmine water, Chalice Well water (from Glastonbury), Ylang ylang (Cananga odorata), Vanilla oleoresin (Vanilla plantifolia), Gardenia (Gardenia grandiflora), decyl glucoside (natural solubiliser)Sodium Levulinate (natural preservative), gem & flower essences, colour rays, sacred symbols, mantra, reiki & sound ♥


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