Working with Motherlove will change how you view yourself, your relationship to your Mum, other female relatives and how you relate to women. It will positively impact your inner feminine energy and help you become more aware of how this is playing out in your life.

Affirmation : I accept the gifts and challenges of my Motherline

The word Mother conjures up a whole world.  When we try to define it, nothing quite covers it. Grab a pen and jot down the qualities that you associate with the word Mother….you may be some time….Is your list looking like a job description for Mother Teresa? We project huge expectations onto this role. Who is this enlightened paragon of virtue?  Is this fair?  Unconditional love is one theme that we associate with a Mother’s love, indeed what a parent’s love ‘should’ be like.  Our relationships with our parents can be so complex.

Our Mother is the gateway into life, the reason we’re here. Regardless of beliefs and judgements we may hold about her, we’re inextricably linked and cannot escape this connection – through circumstance, geography or even through death. Our filters of how we see the world are created through this connection.  So why do we often try to run away from our own genes and DNA?

Have you embraced the Mother archetype within you?  How effective are you at parenting yourself? Consider how you self-nurture. Do you blame your Mum for what you feel she didn’t give you and how is this impacting you today? It will be reflected in the way you interact with women (and men).  As children, we interpret certain behaviours of our parents and form beliefs. We could still be reacting to this perception, which is unhelpful or even harmful as an adult.

Consider one judgement of your Mother’s behaviour.  Contemplate where this is equally true in you.  This IS a part of you.  Could you accept it as a segment of the whole? When you resist this tendency you don’t like – realise this is a part of your own feminine energy that you’re refusing to accept, eg “she’s so needy”.  Where are you needy?

We also have genetic behavioural patterns that go through family lines. If you’ve experienced hypnotherapy, regression work or other healing modalities, you may be aware of these patterns. It could even present in the form of an addictive behaviour. You may realise that even though you have these predispositions, it’s not serving you to continue this behaviour and you could decide to consciously work to resolve it for yourself (and your children).

Working with Motherlove will change how you view yourself, your relationship to your Mum, other female relatives and how you relate to women. It will positively impact your inner feminine energy and help you become more aware of how this is playing out in your life.  Certain patterns will lift and release, leaving you more empowered in your feminine energy.  You can always intend to connect with your Mother on a soul level, if you are not able to resolve anything physically – due to circumstance or because she has left her physical body.   Let’s not also forget our sacred connection with our Earth Mother….who supports us our entire lives.

If you’re already working with specific genetic clearing sessions with healing practitioners, Motherlove will enhance and amplify the work. It would be a wonderful accompaniment to womb regression sessions whereby it can be a component of the session to ‘hand back’ certain unhelpful patterns that have been absorbed while in utero.

Receiving Motherlove has been a long process and significantly impacted how I perceive myself, my understanding of my Mum and Grandmother, how I would prefer to be as a woman in relationships and the acknowledgment of my own patterns.  I’ve revisited certain ones again recently.  I know that men can only present themselves in response to the energy I’m radiating.  When we feel a strong connection – we are attracted by a familiar pattern – it’s got little to do with the actual person. Often we put too much importance on the individual and it creates a diversion from what’s really happening. How can anyone behave in any other way until we STOP seeing them through certain filters?

For men – what’s the current state of your relationship with your Mum?  If you feel it’s ‘flawed’ – do a quick audit of the role women in your life play for you.  Is this mutually balanced and equally beneficial?  How do you perceive them?  Is their role to ‘support’ you and/or to have a sexual experience with?  Be honest with yourself – what are YOU offering of meaningful value? 100% guarantee – you will keep unconsciously seeking the love you feel you didn’t receive from your Mum through the women in your life, if there are unresolved aspects.  You’ll never feel satisfied if you cannot find this ‘mothering’ energy inside you.  Once you set up this pattern, you may find that sexual interest in a woman/man declines as they fall into the pattern of providing ‘motherly’ support and ‘security’ and then you seek sexual connection elsewhere.  You unconsciously create a ‘parent/child’ dynamic, which makes it difficult for a healthy flow to be sustained. Something to consider…this pattern repeats until you take responsibility and stop projecting this need and integrate these ‘wounded’ aspects.  Another relationship may begin and seem different, but once issues resurface it’s easy to fall back into these familiar behaviours.   You may feel that the pattern you play out is to provide ‘Fatherly’ support, whilst in a relationship with a ‘little girl’ who refuses to take full responsibility for herself, but that’s a whole other issue.

A Divine natural perfume, meditation tool, bath oil or to be used as an energetic healing tool alongside any modality.  It is amazing in a candlelit bath, filled with rose petals – win a gratitude meditation to all the women who have gone before you in your family. ♥

Ingredients:- Love, camellia oil (Carmellia ofeifera), rosehip oil (Rosa canina), evening primrose oil (Oenothera biennis), geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), lavender (Lavendula angustifolia), rose otto (Rosa damascena miller), white rose, (Rosa alba), pink lotus (Nelumbo nucifora), gem and flower essences, colour rays, sacred symbols, mantras and sound.

Is Motherlove for me?  I am:-

  • Challenged with my Mum and/or female relatives.
  • Working with behaviours inherent on Mother’s side of the family.
  • Preparing to become a Mother.
  • Attempting to understand myself as a Mother.
  • Struggling to accept aspects of my own feminine energy.
  • Working to balance my feminine/masculine energies.
  • Strengthening my feminine gifts.
  • Trying to love and accept all parts of me as a woman/man.
  • Realising I’m in a relationship and/or attract relationships with a parent/child dynamic, rather two equals who are balanced in their masc/fem energies.
  • Unconsciously (or consciously) seeking nurturing from women I connect with, that I don’t feel I receive/ed from my Mum.
  • Resentful that I don’t get my needs met through interactions with women.
  • Frustrated that I attract men who project their ‘Mother issues’ onto me.
  • Resistant to having children, but don’t know why.


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