Mystical Brew




A mystical and magical brew. Let’s peer into the rising mist for you!

Sometimes we just need an encouraging nudge back in the right direction and not a deep intense dive. Right?

I will light a candle, gaze into my cuppa tea and pull a few tarot cards for you.

I set an intention to connect with your higher self and ask what is most beneficial for you to receive at this time – for your highest potential. This incorporates your intention for the session. All souls are eternally connected in oneness, so it makes no difference wherever we are in the world.

Turn around is currently 3-4 days from ordering.

You will receive:

A photograph of the tea + cards.
An audio file of intuitive guidance and energetic reading info.
The audio will last 25-30 minutes.

Ready to order? I thought you’d never ask!

We’ll see what arises in the brew – for you. Is there a particular intention that you’re focusing on right now? (Like: a new beginning, preparing for a new relationship, starting a business, a special birthday or just because you deserve some TLC). Mention it in the notes box when you order. Please note: a phrase or sentence is sufficient. I say this with love – I do NOT need your life story and find this counter-productive. Our minds are limited in their understanding of our soul path. Let’s focus on what you want to create and put your energy into that instead.  

I’m excited to see what is revealed – is it just me or is there a genie in the steam sitting in my cup in the photo? 🙂


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