Peaceful Alchemical You


Connect with your heart, connect with your surroundings and connect with all Beings on earth.



Introducing: Peaceful Alchemical You 

An unique, curated collection of alchemical oils designed to facilitate inner transformation. 

Each collection is accompanied by a Digital self-coaching guide + journal PDF.

In this fast-paced, artificially fragranced world, we’ve forgotten that the true power of scent is sacred and subtle.

The power of aroma transforms and transports us to other realms, states and worlds. Our sense of smell is so deeply connected to our sense of imagination and contains the magical, limitless power to affect our feelings and behaviour. When used as a sacred tool, scent provides the signals your brain needs to transform.

What if you could:

  • Use the power of scent to establish and embody new ways of feeling and being in the world?
  • Harness your memory-encoding sense to erase limiting thoughts and beliefs, and re-code with powerful, lovingly aligned ones?
  • Create and establish a daily self-love ritual?

Peaceful Alchemical You  

Start your 6 week journey into yourself.

Using this set of complementary alchemical oils, you are guided through a process of inner alchemy. Each week you work with an oil to embed your intention and affirmation into your very being. (Smelling good enough to eat? Bonus.)

As you work through the guided journal to process new insights you’ll record new perceptions and aha moments.

What could have taken months or even years to shift with self-reflection alone, transforms within weeks. This is the power of scent when used intentionally.

Sacred Self Alchemical Oils are created with organic oils, infused with flower and gemstone essences, and hand-blended during an ecstatic ceremony. Store your oils in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight, and they’ll last for up to a decade!

What do you want to shift? What do you feel called to change within (and without)?

There are many ways to answer these questions. The easiest and most reliable question to ask is:

How do you most want to feel?

Your feelings will lead the way.  At this time you have chosen: Peaceful

Peaceful Alchemical You

Connect with your heart, connect with your surroundings and connect with all beings on earth, with Peaceful Alchemical You a collection of six alchemical oils, designed to promote feelings of clarity, integrity and oneness. 

Digital self-coaching guide PDF +  6 Alchemical Oils

:: Clarity: I am clear

:: Peace: Peace begins with me

:: Sanctuary: My heart is my home

:: Integrity: I honour my commitments to myself

:: Wisdom: I listen to my inner guide

:: Oneness: I AM


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