Your body is your lifelong companion so maybe now would be a good time to start being kind to your biggest support.

Affirmation : I respect myself

Intention : To encourage respect for your physical body and remind you of the various ways you can nurture it. Celebrate this amazing vehicle that you have been gifted with to travel through your life.

Your body houses all of your wonderful senses so that you may experience life in a myriad of ways.  It provides you with opportunities to enjoy a wide spectrum of pleasurable, physical experiences.

Choose to nurture and reward your body with healthy food, plenty of water and life affirming rest and rejuvenation so that it is able to perform its work for you to the best of its ability.  The shape, the size, the colour and the weight of your body does not determine your worth.  However, when you learn to affirm your value in multiple ways and care for your body in a loving way, it will reward you with good health and vitality so that you can enjoy your life to the best of your ability.

This will assist you to become aware of where you are not being respectful of your body and shed some light onto these unhelpful patterns.  Anoint your body in all of the places that would love your respect and care right now.  Treat yourself like your own best friend.  Speak to yourself kindly as you apply to your heart and throat. Smile and enjoy your body, this incredible creation through which you experience the miracle of life.

Ingredients:- Love, camellia oil (Carmellia ofeifera), neroli (citrus aurantium ssp amara), tubertose (Polianthes tuberose), vanilla CO2 (Vanilla planifolia), frangipani (Plumeria alba) gem and flower essences, colour rays, sacred symbols, mantras and sound.


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