Solar Plexus Kit of 7 Oils



Our solar plexus chakra needs a lot of love and attention.  You will also receive a FREE solar plexus meditation audio.

This includes:

  • Self-love (I love and accept myself)
  • Innocence (I am a Divine child),
  • Let Go(d) (I let go and let Go(d),
  • Radiance (I let my inner beauty shine),
  • Authentic (I reveal my true self),
  • Abundance (I am one with the abundance of the universe),
  • Joy (I radiate joy) and a citrine tumblestone.

For suggested ways to support the solar plexus check out this blog post:

“12 Ways to Support Your Solar Plexus Chakra”

REMINDER: Alchemical oils are not to use in an oil burner. These are organic vibrational tools for you to apply directly.


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