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Stream of Inspiration Activation 

Would you like a personal stream of inspiration to get your year off to an uplifting start? For the past couple of years I’ve been blessed beyond belief to enjoy a very special place called Rosemere, here in magical Cornwall.

Your stream of inspiration will connect to water-related insights and will be an uplifting channelled message connecting in with themes – releasing emotional stagnation, feelings, creativity, your innate gifts and a blessing for your motherline. I’m told there will be surprises unique to the individual. This is for 11 people only – and will be recorded on 29th and 30th December 2019.

An additional bonus to anyone who books one of these sessions: you will be able to purchase a half-price bottle of Inspiration Alchemical oil (affirmation: I am inspired) + free postage with Europe + flat postage rate for rest of the world. I’ll give you a special code when I receive the booking. Each time you need a stream of inspiration during the year you can re-listen and receive the blessings. 


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