Every so often, I spotlight a beautiful holistic practitioner who is using the Alchemical oils in their practice, whatever their modality may be.  Today, we will hear from the lovely Kathryn Gregory of Seren Holistic Lifestyles in Perth, Western Australia.  Kathryn is a Reiki Master and Intuitive Healer.

A little bit about the work you are doing?

Through my own personal healing journey I first discovered the benefits of Reiki healing. I was leading a triple life trying to balance a full time corporate graphic design job, teaching Bikram Yoga part time as well as juggling my own freelance design clients. Reiki sessions allowed me the space away from the madness to connect with my inner library of knowledge, the tutor within that can guide us on our right path. Reiki assisted me in bring balance back to my chaotic life.

It’s amazing how much clearer and deeply relaxed you feel after an hour in stillness. The universal life force energy of Reiki is gentle, non intrusive yet powerful. Reiki helps in clearing away any emotional debris, stagnant energy & may assist in breaking down habitual patterns. Once these have been acknowledged & released there is room for new positive energy to fill up the space. For me this brings feelings of great joy and vibrancy. A bit like pressing a ‘reset’ button. On a physical level the warmth from the practitioners’ hands may assist in easing any aches, pains or discomfort. One client describes receiving Reiki akin to ‘a big warm hug.’

Now as a Reiki Master myself it is my great honour to be able to facilitate healing sessions for other people so they too can heal their lives holistically. I left the corporate world behind to run Seren Holistic Lifestyles in a full-time capacity. Offering in person and distance Reiki healing sessions, meditation classes, oracle card readings, hosting metaphysical workshops & public speaking events. Reiki is a lifestyle that I live every day. My mission is to teach others they can live a life they love too.

How do you use the Alchemical oils to support your work?  

When a client comes to me for Reiki they not only receive the ‘hands on’ treatment I intuitively bring in other modalities such as oracle cards, colour, crystals and the beautiful Sacred Self Alchemical oils.  Abundance Passion Truth

I’m a huge believer in the healing powers of nature. Each essential oil has its own unique ability to physically heal. They prepare the emotional body for the work that needs to be done. However they won’t do the work for us – we need to take action for ourselves.

What drew me to the Sacred Self range (apart from oozing LOVE!) is that each blend has been put together with an intent and mantra. I often describe them as a ‘healing session in a bottle’ by themselves as their vibration is so high.

At the start of a Reiki session I tune into the clients energy and check their Chakra energy centres. If any of the Chakras are unbalanced this gives me an indication as to what might be going on for them on a deeper level. The aim of each session is to bring balance back to the client on all four levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Sacred Self oils work very well to balance the Chakras. I incorporate the range into my Introduction to the Chakras Workshops by showing students how to use the oils to cleanse their own Chakras. In session if any Chakras are closed I’ll start with specific oils for that Chakra. For example for the Sacral Chakra I would use ‘Creativity,’ ‘Respect’ and ‘Grace.’ I’ll apply the oils to my palms and forearms then work them through the client’s aura or energetic field. Physically and mentally the aroma of the oils helps to relax the client by stimulating their sensors.

The way I receive messages from my guides is through Clairaudience (clear hearing) and Clairvoyance (clear seeing). During a session I may see or hear words and images. One session I heard simply the words chamomile & peppermint. We were working on the throat Chakra and I instantly knew I was being guided to use ‘Truth.Often I’ll hear the actual name of the oil, for example ‘Integrity.’ I’ll apply the oil to my hands & work around the body as guided.

To conclude a session I give the client the option of applying different oils directly onto their skin. These are the one’s that have come through in the session or often clients will ask for their favourites from previous sessions. Sometimes clients intuit oils for themselves. They may have received a message highlighting a certain oil or emotion. The healing benefits of the oils can then continue to work for them over the next few hours.

How do you feel they support YOU? 

I use Sacred Self in my own healing and cleansing routine. I select oils for myself in the same way I intuit oils for clients. I’ll ask my guides ‘what oils do I need for today?’ Often I’m just drawn to the ones I need without actually hearing the names by connecting to my inner knowing. Some days I’ll end up with a selection of up to six or seven for a whole body cleanse.

Applying the oils before meditation is one of my favourite methods. The beautiful scents assist in calming my mind & working into my energetic bodies to soften the way for healing & guidance. If I have a ‘theme’ I’m working on I’ll select oils based around that.

Right now I’m doing a lot of work centred on self-worth. ‘Receive’ and ‘Abundance are coming through strongly for me. Also ‘Goddess’ and ‘Divine.’ These two are getting me back in touch with my feminine side, allowing vulnerability to show through as a sign of strength.

Before a healing session I use ‘Wisdom,’ ‘Clarity’ and ‘Divine to connect & open the channel through my crown and heart Chakras. The sage in ‘Wisdom’ is very spiritually cleansing. I love the ‘zingyness’ of ‘Clarity’ when applied to my temples. It makes me feel alert & ready for action.   Wisdom Clarity Divine

Oils are great for space clearing as well. I have the above oils on my palms as I clear & cleanse the healing room before a session. Incorporating the oils with movement can really shift any stagnant energy from a room. They work brilliantly in Shamanic rituals.

If I’ve had a particularly busy or challenging day I’ll use the oils again at night to cleanse my own aura from any debris I may have picked up. I see it like wringing out my psychic sponge at the end of the day. I find certain oils such as ‘Sanctuary & ‘Receive’ aids me in a peaceful sleep.

I stopped using commercial perfumes a while back & now I use Sacred Self oils instead. Frankincense is my signature scent. One friend commented once she knew I was in the building without physically seeing me as the scent of frankincense had wafted through. ‘Passion is my particular favourite for everyday wear as ‘I live my passion’ every day. It reminds me of Christmas in England, as it smells a bit like Terry’s Chocolate Orange! (hahaa that is so true!)

5. Any in particular that come up regularly?

‘TruthCourage and ‘Grace are the recurring oils right now. There are patterns that occur with certain combinations of oils. I find often over a two-week period the same two or three oils will come up in every session, even personally. I can usually link it back to what is going on in the planets at that time. We are all ‘one’ with the universe so we go through the same challenges but on different levels. It makes sense that we all need the same oils at the same time.

Self-love is a consistent regular as well, especially to close off a session. Healing is all about loving and respecting your self. I feel you can’t get enough Self-love.

Any surprisingly or unusual experiences?

Many! ‘Surrender’ is quite a strong combination of eucalyptus, frankincense and myrrh. It can really dig deep to unearth intensely rooted emotions that need to come to the surface. I offered a client some at the end of a session. She had quite an adverse reaction & said she didn’t like the smell at all. It’s often the oils that we are repelled by that we need the most. With some gentle persuasion to ‘give it a try’ she rubbed some on her chest. Within a second the resistance melted away & she physically relaxed. She commented ‘it’s no so bad on.’

Another time I was intuitively guided to a certain oil. When I reached out for it my hand was pulled to the next one along ‘Grace.’ The name of this oil resonated on a personal level for my client & fitted in with the intuitive reading I had given her from the session. This shows the oils can work on many different levels to bring us divine messages.

One client I saw was hiding away her inner true self. Always saying or acting in a way to please others to ‘fit in.’ She needed assistance to release the fear of not being accepted for the beautiful, wise women she is. ‘Radiance’ and ‘Authentic’ literally flew of the shelf for her. The words on the bottles were perfect – ‘Remove your masks’ and ‘‘you have so much to share with the world.’  This session was quite emotional and I fully trust the vibrations assisted in breaking down some barriers to let her true self out. Allow the true you to shine through at all times.

At a live presentation I demonstrated a Chakra balancing. The throat Chakra was unbalanced due to slight sore throat. The client applied some ‘Truth’ oil into the Chakra area. I laid a blue Chakra silk and apatite crystal on the Chakra as well as giving Reiki. Within a couple of minutes I rechecked the Chakra and it had cleared. The physical effects of the sore throat had also been reduced. It’s truly amazing the power of energetic healing.

Thank you so much for sharing all of that insight Kathryn.  It’s so interesting to hear how others work and what is beneficial for them. If you are in Western Australia, check out Kathryn’s workshop details here and her Facebook page here.

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