A big thank you to one of my favourite ladies, Julie Parker, CEO and Founder of Beautiful You Coaching Academy, who has written this guest blog piece for us about making new year’s resolutions.  Personally speaking, I’ve never had much luck with them. I start off well for the first few weeks of the year and by the end of January I’m feeling sheepish.  Why? Usually because I’m not being realistic.  I remember one year joining Fitness First, determined to go to the gym three times per week.  This lasted, oh about all of two weeks. Why? Because I detest gyms and they’re not too fond of me.  They are way up there on my list of torture methods.  It was never going to be a love match.  So how best can we tackle this subject that rears its ugly head from the middle of December each year?  Julie has some suggestions 😉


January 1st is nearing and you’re gearing up to start the year off anew.  Resolutions to detox,  start a diet, buy less shoes, lose weight, get up earlier and just ‘kick it’ all round; abound.  It’s a new start.  A new beginning.  And this time you’re really going to make things stick.

And you know what?  You just might.  But if you do you’ll be in the absolute minority because after a few weeks, days, or even hours most of us have chucked our New Year’s resolutions and gone back to living just as we were before.

What’s the deal?  Why does this happen especially when we don’t want it to?  Why don’t New Year resolutions stick?

The reasons are as individual and varied as you are but this is a teensy insight into why I think most resolutions end up run off the road on life’s highway…..They’re steeped in rigidity and rules.  I MUST stop doing that.  I MUST get better at this.  I HAVE TO improve.  What a drag.

They’re about fixing something about you – because you’re wrong and need to be fixed.  Your body is wrong and you need to lose weight.  You’re lazy and you need to get more out of your day.  There’s nothing about you that is wrong and you don’t need to be fixed.

They’re unrealistic.  If you love chocolate do you really think you’re on a winner to make a rule for yourself that you’re not going to eat it ever again?  If the previous 5, 25 or 55 diets you’ve been on have not worked what makes you think this one will?  They’re unrealistic.

They’re failing at honouring where you are right now, and all the beauty, strength and resources you have within you.  Do you really need to set a resolution to change anything or do you need to just be and accept?

So let’s start a revolution to stop the resolutions.  Let’s instead honour the arrival of a new year as a chance to celebrate where you are right now and all the amazing things that make you an incredible woman, entrepreneur, friend, Mother, inspirer and so much more.

And all those incredible things you want for the year?  Whatever they may be?  How are you supposed to achieve them without a resolution to do so?


If you want to experience an amazing year of achievement and possibility and dreams come true for you, commit to making it happen by loving yourself more.  Treat yourself with respectful kindness.  Speak positively about yourself.  Nurture and feed your body with purposeful intent. Love you.

Love you.

And see not just this year but every day you commit to loving yourself more provide you with the untold riches of confidence, belief and the value of being Beautiful You.


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