The chakras are energy centres that connect in with various organs, glands and systems in the body. 

As multi-dimensional beings, we have so many aspects that comprise the divinely designed humans that we are.  Our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves are all interconnected. One benefit of this fact is that any effort that we make can have a positive flow-on effect to other parts and influence the whole.

Our sacral chakra in our abdominal area is a vital component of our energetic system, that relates to our feelings and connection in one-on-one relationships, power dynamics and patterns with money.  This is where we store our life-force energy, sexual energy and the beginnings of creative expression.  For example, when this chakra is flowing healthily, we relate to others easily and are able to experience intimacy and passion.  When we are feeling blocked creatively or shut down sexually, we know that our sacral chakra is not flowing at its optimum.  As long as we are having a human life in a physical body, we will always be required to pay loving attention to these bottom three chakras that process our physical experiences.  When we feel stuck and as though nothing is moving forward in our lives in the way we would like, then we need to bring it back to basics and examine what is happening in our base and sacral chakras.

The sacral is also where we store repressed emotions that we often don’t want to feel, such as fear, anxiety, guilt, anger, shame and resentment that become stored in organs such as the kidneys, liver, pancreas  and  gallbladder.  This can also affect our adrenal glands (which sit on top of our kidneys), which then disrupts our entire hormonal system.

So how can we show our sacral chakra some self-love?

♥ Consciously connect with the colour orange

Visualise a vibrant orange ball of light, flooding your sacral area front and back, with the intention of increasing your levels of vitality. You can combine this with colour breathing, where you inhale orange coloured light and breathe deeply into your abdomen.  You could also buy yourself an orange candle and when you light it, set an intention to receive balance for your sacral chakra. You can even create a candle out of an orange and combine these intentions. See here.

♥ Make pleasure a priority 

How do you experience pleasure?  What does that look like, feel like, smell like and sound like for you? Give yourself permission to experience more.

♥ Rewaken your sensuality

You can explore sensuality through numerous ways.  When was the last time you were touched?  Often the only touch people experience is sexual and when they are not in a relationship, touch can be lacking, apart from the occasional hug from a friend or family member. It’s so calming for our nervous and immune systems.  Massage is a wonderful way to experience all over body touch, which is nurturing on so many levels. You can also explore self-massage and turn this into a mindfulness exercise, focussing on your abdominal area for example, where we store so much emotion.

♥ Create healthy boundaries for yourself

Do you say yes when you really mean no?  It’s about respecting and honouring what’s right for us, rather than deferring to the demands of others, in order to be seen as a ‘nice person’.  When we are giving from a place of resentment, we’re not giving anything of value.  Learning to say no to others is often a YES to yourself. Consider if there are any people in your life with whom this is something you need to address. Is there anyone you need to say NO to?

♥ Consider what intimacy means to you

So often we crave this with another and yet we don’t really know ourselves and what our needs are. It’s easy to project our desires onto someone else, rather than remembering that we are the Beloved.  How can you form a more intimate relationship with yourself?

♥ Explore your sexuality

Are you comfortable with your sexual expression? If not then how are you addressing this area so that you can feel freer and more empowered about it? Do you use your sexuality as a way to exert power in a situation? Explore how you can make healthier choices that are respectful for yourself and anyone else involved. Consider your sexual boundaries and what is/is not ok for you.

♥ Eat orange coloured fruit and veggies with intention  orange-coloured-fruits-and-vegetables

♥ Give yourself permission to fully express yourself

Don’t bottle up challenging feelings. Try to address anything that is difficult or overwhelming for you, even if it’s talking to a trusted friend, journaling or Emotional Freedom Technique.  Find a way to feel safe with communicating your feelings.  Seek out professional help if you need it in the form of a counsellor or other therapists.

♥ Explore different forms of creative expression

Many people believe that they are not creative but this is simply impossible.  We are creative Beings, through the very nature of our existence, so just explore various forms of expression that you could enjoy. Your creativity is expressed in the way you cook a meal, dress, decorate a room, place some flowers in a vase, enjoy singing in the shower or wear a piece of jewellery. It could also be expressed in the way you find solutions to problems.  You don’t have to be the next Picasso to creatively express yourself.  Maybe you just need to reframe your definition of what creativity means, particularly if you are someone who regularly says ‘i’m not creative’.  A great way to explore creativity and celebrate your body is through dance. This also releases a lot of tension and stagnation that builds up in the hips.  This can also be where we store blocks to receive, so the more we can stretch and move this part of the body, the better.

♥ Develop a loving relationship with money

Consider your feelings about money and any behaviours that may not be supportive of your intentions.  Create positive steps to manage your money relationship and look at where you equate money with self-worth.

selflovecard♥ Consider your connection with the water element

The sacral chakra is our feeling centre and resonates with the element of water.  Relax in a bath, go swimming or for a walk in the rain. How does it make you feel?

♥ Wearing jewellery made with:

Carnelian, amber, ametrine, orange calcite, orange topaz, moonstone, tangerine quartz, or you can meditate with the crystals. You can also place a tumble stone in your pocket or your underwear, with a strong intention that it’s supporting your sacral chakra. Remember it’s there!

♥ Resolve anything oustanding with your Mother

You can still connect to her soul with intention if she is no longer on the physical plane or if you are no longer in contact due to difficult circumstances. This primary relationship is the filter through which you relate to ALL women, perceive yourself as a woman (or man) and experience your feminine energy.  Whatever is unresolved will play out with female relatives and friendships in the patterns formed in these relationships. What we find most difficult to accept in our Mother often highlights some of our biggest blindspots. Your relationship with your Mother also has a huge impact on your ability to give and receive love. More on this topic here.

♥ Aromatherapy as a supportive tool:

Being a passionate aromatherapist and having addressed many patterns in my own sacral chakra over the years, I highly recommend the following essential oils: sweet orange, patchouli, ylang ylang, jasmine, sandalwood, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, mandarin, petitgrain, carrot seed, neroli and geranium.

Add 2-3 drops of essential oil to a teaspoon of base oil, such as almond, jojoba, coconut or even coldpressed virgin olive oil if that’s what you have in your kitchen cupboard.  Anoint your abdomen with the combination and say a prayer, mantra or affirmation at the same time and bless yourself. For example “I allow my creativity to flow with ease”, “I open myself to give and receive love in a mutually empowered way” or “I live my passion.”

♥ Alchemical oils that support the sacral chakra are:

Intimacy – “I find freedom in my vulnerability” Passion“I live my passion” GoddessI am the Goddess” Creativity – “I allow my creativity to flow with ease” Respect “I respect myself” Grace – “I am full of grace” Motherlove – “I accept the gifts and challenges of my motherline
Check out this special Sacral Chakra mini-kit of alchemical oils right here.

♥ Cherish your body with the best quality food that you can afford

and ensure that you drink enough water, so your body can function at its healthy optimum.

♥ Celebrate your beautiful body

Find more ways to nurture and nourish your beautiful body. Celebrate each part of your sacred vehicle and connect more deeply with it.  Touch your body lovingly as you shower, groom and dress yourself.  Minimise the use of products that are heavy with toxins and make small changes over time that honour your body.

Which one of these can you try right now?

Please let me know in the comments box below how you go and share the self-love with your friends.

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