Do you know in your heart that it’s time to commit to your dreams?

Are you ready to take a big step forward?

Do you dream of creating your own business? Or do you already have one and are ready to take it to the next level?  Maybe you’re yearning for a different lifestyle and know something needs to change but you’re not sure how to do it.  I’ve got something personal to share with you, so if you’ve been looking for a sign and also are keen to receive a gift of 22 Alchemical oils and other goodies from my self-love range read on.1391109498

If this doesn’t resonate with you, then no need to go any further.  I appreciate your time is precious.

I’ve always had a big vision – a world of self-love.  I see my divine organic products going around the world and reminding people to love themselves.  Being a Pisces (with 3 planets), visions, dreams, intuition, ideals and notions are easy for me.

Grounding these visions, taking necessary steps to ensure they manifest into physical reality and staying focussed – one of my biggest challenges.  Taking action and putting yourself out there in the world and saying ‘this is me’ takes courage.  However, all change involves risk and a big leap of faith.  Can you relate?

Starting and running a business is a surefire way of bringing into your awareness all of the areas you have challenges with self-love.

The big question:

How committed are you to creating the life that only you can create?

I had big ideas but no clue how to execute them. I’d been a fan of Marie Forleo’s work for heartbased entrepeneurs and enjoyed her weekly videos with practical advice on life and business for a couple of years.

2 years ago, I received an email about her infamous BSchool 8 week detailed online training program and something stirred within me.  Marie laid out very clearly what I’d learn – and what I wouldn’t.

8 weeks of all the knowledge I could possibly need to help leverage an online presence for more impact and more sales (regardless of the type of business), whilst connecting with entrepeneurs of all kinds from all over the world.  This was the roadmap I’d been looking for. Wow!  This also includes lifetime access to all the material.

My first thought was “I can’t afford to do it.” I then heard a softer voice asking “can you afford NOT to do it?”  $2000 is not a measly amount let’s be honest.  However, when I made that commitment to myself, the universe rewarded me x 1000.  I’ve never regretted it for a single second.  I wished I’d done it sooner!  I have lifetime access to this life-changing material and loving, supportive community. I was also delighted to have some wonderful friends who had been through a similar process and we had signed up within hours of each other.

B-School is one of the most comprehensive programs I’ve seen and there are thousands of graduate reviews to prove it works.  There are so many participants who state they learnt more practical business skills in this course than they learnt in their Marketing degrees or MBA’s!  There is also so much behind the scenes insights into Marie’s multi-million dollar business, as she shares everything she knows.  Marie only opens this once a year, so if you’re ready for massive growth, NOW is the time.

What I’ve learnt:

To start before I’m ready and TAKE ACTION.  There is no substitute for experience, so don’t wait!

After I started BSchool:Love-and-Oneness-180x250

♥I created my first ebook;

♥I created my first ecourse with incredible contributors from around the world;

♥I’ve run self-love meditation circles;

♥I’ve collaborated with likehearted women;

♥I’ve written guest posts, articles and been interviewed on radio shows and webinars.

♥I’ve co-hosted workshops.

♥I had a chapter published in “Love & Oneness” book, alongside amazing ladies such as Marianne Williamson and Danielle Laporte.

♥I’ve spoken about Self-love at wonderful events;

♥I created a Youtube channel;

♥I had some self-love jewellery created as another daily reminder;  ring

♥I started to write a book;

♥I created a new blog.

♥I’m co-hosting a retreat in the UK in May 2014.

♥I’m doing some Intuitive Readings/Distance Healings for the first time in years.

♥I’m about to launch a new healing offering for ladies who are dedicated to conscious conception.

♥I’m creating a natural perfume range.

These are just some examples, but not everything.  It’s opened up a world of opportunities for me that I would never have otherwise experienced.  I’ve had many synchronicities and feel I’ve reconnected with soul family.  My self-confidence has grown and I have clarity.

One of the biggest benefits (priceless):

An immersion into a heartbased community of people who believe in you.  How would you like to be part of a group who perceive you as totally capable of creating the life of your dreams?  They will also give you unwavering support to do so!  Much as our family and friends love us, they are often the worst people to discuss any challenges you are experiencing with your new business as they just want you to be ‘safe’ and ‘secure’. Unless they run their own businesses, they cannot understand the challenges and also the joys in creating something that is purely your unique expression in the world. They don’t get it. How can they if that has not been their experience?

Working as a solopreneur can be lonely and invigorating on many levels.  There are some days when everything is going wrong and you feel like you’re stuck in Loserville.     When you choose to be an entrepeneur, you put yourself out there and take very brave steps forward. It’s scary stuff.  And equally exciting.

I’ve made some amazing friends, who uplift and inspire me every day.   Remember that saying that you are the sum of the 5 people closest to you? I’m now thrilled about it…

I’ve also received thousands of dollars of support from other BSchoolers for FREE in the form of personal and business coaching, marketing support, enneagram work, products, astrology, kinesiology, financial advice, you name it!

Still not convinced?

I don’t generally become an affiliate promoting programs but I know this can help you, whatever stage you’re at. Some people start BSchool with no idea what sort of business they want to create and then get complete clarity whilst doing the course. Some people have stopped their current businesses and started up completely new ones during the process!

Need more proof?

No-one is an ‘overnight success’. It can just seem like that from the outside sometimes. Marie breaks down which strategies she uses to run her multi-million dollar empire and shares all her secrets.  Check out these FREE videos where Marie breaks down the 13 keys to having a successful online business.

Video #1 Want your business to reach and make millions?

Video #2  Marie’s Dirty Little Secret

Video #3  Are these common excuses stalling your business?


Sales Video & Cart is OPEN NOW until Wednesday March 5th. Enrol HERE.

BSchool is only open once a year for enrolment. If you would like to receive these self-love gifts from me listed below to support you during your BSchool journey, then you must sign up through my link – only once the cart is open. I will receive a bonus and you will receive the goodies below.   Please ensure that you enable cookies on your computer so that my link is recorded and Marie knows where the lead has come from.  If this is not recorded then I won’t be able to provide the goodies.  They record it based on the last click link.

A Self-love gift to support you into entrepreneurship – created during my own self-love journey

An Intuitive Reading/Distance Healing. The intention of this could be ‘what do I need to focus on right now to move forward in my business/or start my business?’ or something similar, for example.    sacredself-300x300

22 Alchemical oils to support you chosen from Sacred Self’s self-love range: (photo above)

Sacred Self products are hand-made with love during a meditation ceremony. These are a combination of organic oils and essences to be used as a natural perfume, meditation tool, in the bath or as a support to many holistic modalities. Each item is energetically infused with sound, light, colour, sacred symbols, crystals and a pure intention. Take 5 minutes in your day to create a sacred space and use your alchemical oil as a tool to focus on your day ahead. Ideal when working in and on your own business.

1 Self-love – affirmation: I love and accept myself

Releases stagnation and congestion in the solar plexus area where we store all unresolved issues in connection with self-love. Make the commitment to enter a loving relationship with yourself.

2 Innocence – affirmation: I am a Divine child

A reminder to reconnect with that inner purity and innocence, regardless of life circumstances. Lighten up, have fun and giggle.

3 Creativity – affirmation: I allow my creative expression to flow with ease

Plant seeds of possibility and open yourself up to new outcomes and creative projects.  Supports and nurtures the sacral chakra.

4 Truth – affirmation: I express my truth with love

Your truth is only true for you and you have no control over how this is received. Ideal for your heart and throat before client meetings and sessions, tricky conversations, speaking events and writing heartfelt blogposts.

5 Trust – affirmation: I trust myself

Your heart has all the answers to your questions so connect more with this inner voice. Choose lose over fear and listen to your own heart as you apply. Trust yourself.

6 Let Go(d) – affirmation: I let go and let Go(d)

Are you ready to let go of your sabotage patterns and all that no longer serve you?  Ideal for bringing into our awareness where we are preventing ourselves from letting go of behaviours that don’t support our best efforts.

7 Abundance – affirmation: I am one with the abundance of the universe

A reminder to focus on what you have, be grateful for the abundance in your life and let go of a lack mentality. See yourself in a golden bubble of light as you apply and open to abundance on all levels.

8 Joy – affirmation: I radiate joy

Open yourself up to new possibilities and allow yourself to feel all emotions.  Invite joy into your life and feel the full spectrum of feelings available to you.

9 Divine Man – affirmation: Divine Man I AM

Ground your masculine energy and take responsibility for your own life. Support yourself and your goals and dreams by moving forward with confidence. This is crucial, particularly for women in creating their own business.

10 Goddess – affirmation: I am the Goddess

Enjoy your feminine energy and open yourself up to receive nurturing and kind attention.  Each part of you is unique and divine and a cause for sweet celebration. Let yourself blossom.

11 Clarity – affirmation: I am clear

Allow heavy and muddled thoughts from overthinking to melt away. Instill certainty as you dissolve those etheric cobwebs from your brow. How can you see this situation differently? Welcome in a new perspective.

12 Passion – affirmation: I live my passion

Reignite that fire in your belly and spark that passion up into your heart and send out into the world. Live your lust for life.  Energise and motivate yourself as you apply to your sacral and heart chakras.

13 Freedom – affirmation: I set myself free

Where are you holding yourself back with self-imposed limitations?  All restrictions only exist in your mind so are you ready to let them go.  Where do you need to set yourself fr

14 Inspiration – affirmation: I am inspired

Allow yourself to be uplifted by something greater than what you can see in front of you.  What can you be open to today? Let the universal energy flow through you and propel you forward towards your dreams.

15 Integrity – affirmation: I honour my commitments to myself

Are you congruent in your thoughts, words and deeds? Do you follow through on what you say you are going to do for yourself?  Do you honour what’s important to you?

16 Courage – affirmation: The power is within me

Do you know where you are hiding your power and why you may be scared of it? Reclaim and own that courage within your beautiful heart. The most powerful thing you can ever do is be yourself.

17 Radiance – affirmation: I let my inner beauty shine

Are you ready to allow yourself to express yourself fully and shed dense, outdated patterns? Stop resisting yourself and let yourself feel lighter and freer. Playing small is not serving you or the world.

18 Authentic – affirmation: I reveal my true self

Are you willing to let go of the masks that you are hiding behind? When you drop your defence mechanisms and allow yourself to be vulnerable, there is nothing more appealing. This allows others to do the same.

19 Presence – affirmation: I am safe in my body

When you are fully grounded and anchored in your physical body, it will be easier for you to make decisions. Call all parts of you fully into the present moment and know it’s safe for you.

20 Wisdom – affirmation:  I listen to my inner guide

Cease looking for the answers externally and know that all is within you.  Reflect upon and contemplate the deep ancestral wisdom that is inherent.

21 Respect – affirmation: I respect myself

Treat your body like the best friend that it is to you and it will work to its optimum ability.  Be kind to yourself. Are there any unhelpful patterns that you are ready to bring into the light?  Consider the various ways you can nurture you.

22 Grace – affirmation: I am full of grace

Are you ready to get out of your own way and go with the flow?  When we surrender to the flow of divine grace all sorts of wonderful synchronicity opens up for us. The universe is in control so open your heart and let yourself be lead to whatever is for your highest good.

 Daily self-love reminders:

“I set myself free” bangle  IMG_5040

Silver heart ring (see photo above)

7 Ways to Love Yourself ebook      

1 x “Love & Oneness” book    7waystoloveyourself-ipad-300px

NB: You must sign up through my link – only once the cart is open to receive these bonuses.    If this is not recorded then I won’t be able to provide the goodies.  

Is 2014 your time to take action towards creating the business of your dreams?  I look forward to cheering you on as you join me in the BSchool community.

Again, here’s the link for the FREE videos for you to enjoy ahead of the enrolment day!  Any questions just drop me a line at in the meantime.

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