How are you feeling about this year?   There was so much information to take on board towards the end of last year with whole ‘2012’, that we could be forgiven for feeling a tad anti-climatic.  I found it a bit overwhelming and feel as though I’m still settling into the year.

It’s already three-quarters of the way through January.   I was considering this morning about how exciting it is at the beginning of a new year when have so many great intentions.  More often than not, we don’t sustain that enthusiasm and end up putting many dreams in the ‘too hard’ basket.  Why is this?

I believe it’s because our beliefs are often not supporting our heart’s desires and we create too many limitations.   All restrictions and blocks exists only in our mind.  Anything is possible if we truly believe it and are prepared to take brave steps forward.

One of my intentions for this year was to step into a greater version of myself and allow myself to be more visible.   When we allow ourselves to be more visible, we can also feel vulnerable as we lay ourselves bare for others to witness.  Something I have totally resisted for a long time was making Youtube videos, even though I knew it would be a great way to serve more people and spread the importance of self-love.   It’s been a HUGE block.   Freedom Alchemical oil has really assisted me with this and now I feel so relieved to have moved through this. It’s so empowering…..               

What block or limitation would you love to release this year?
Are you willing to allow more courage to flow from your heart?  

What would it feel like to choose to examine where you feel you may be holding yourself back and expand your comfort zone?

With this intention as the focus,  I have created a little package for you with Freedom & Courage Alchemical oils.  The affirmation for Freedom is “I set myself free” and for Courage Alchemical oil “The power is within me“.  A powerhouse combination!

I truly believe that there is so much power when we share a joint intention to release our biggest blocks and move forward with courage..

I would like to also offer you a gift to encourage this definitive step forward, investing in yourself.

I will include a FREE bottle of Abundance, to reinforce that you are one with the abundance of the universe, for the NEXT 5 DAYS.  (I said 3 in the video below but it will be available for 5 days).

Check out this brief video where I demonstrate how to use Freedom and Courage Alchemical oils.

As I mentioned, making Youtube videos has been a HUGE block for m. and yet with the assistance of these oils, I’ve managed to move through the block and create a couple in the last 24 hours.  So I’d like to encourage you by reminding you have the power to set yourself free.

Please tell me below which brave step you are going to take now and then share this post.

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