I’m delighted to kick off a new segment at Sacred Self.  Each month I will highlight a holistic practitioner who uses our Self-love range of Alchemical oils with their particular modality.  One goal is to share with you some of the creative ways that you can use Alchemical oils in your particular business or for all of you who are committed to your self-love journey. It’s also fascinating to learn about how we can support our wellbeing with all these amazing, holistic modalities.  There really is no limit.

We begin with the wonderful Julia Smith of Inner Tranquillity & Peace (how perfect does that sound!), a Vibrational Therapist, who works with Sound frequency and music cellular clearing vibration massage.   She also uses high vibration Colour Therapy, AuraEnergy Photography and high vibration oils and essences.

SOUND & COLOUR – Pure Frequency Energy to clear your energy pathways, raise your vibration and facilitate optimal manifestation of your outcomes.     

I am noticing many modern day illnesses are stress related; created by our current lifestyle, our belief systems and negative thoughts, society expectations and how stressed we feel about them.  Constant high stress levels and incredibly high levels of toxins in our food, water, and air are now at levels our body is struggling to process.  Our mind is constantly filled with negative mind chatter making it difficult to process and let go of our emotional experiences from life’s challenging events, and for us to connect with what is best for us.

Embracing Energy

Everything is energy.  High school science teaches us that.  Energy is everywhere and in everything, and it is dynamic and constantly moving causing everything to vibrate at its own hertz frequency rate.  Humans vibrate at a certain harmonic rate, and constant accumulated stresses cause our vibration to drop and stay there until that vibration level is cleared and the rate is raised.  The process of letting go of negative mind chatter and emotional tension is so important to keeping our harmonic vibration rate high, making life so much easier to deal with. Thoughts and emotions have their own vibration rate and can control our overall vibrational rate that we are putting out into the world and influence how we react in daily situations and what experiences are attracted to us (match the vibration we are putting out) as in the Law of Attraction.

This chart shows how the calibration vibration level of the slower calibrating vibration emotions such as anger, fear and grief reduce our awareness of how we can deal with events positively; and the emotions and the thoughts to primarily have are of the faster emotion vibrations such as peace, love and reason.  Living in this state easily enables you to deal with life for optimal outcomes.  Being able to choose Love (including loving ourselves; self-love) in most situations can be a life changing experience.  By releasing slower vibration emotions we have accumulated from past and current events, we create the ability to live in the faster more conscious vibration emotions.

Working with our own harmonic energy with Sound & Music Frequency and Colour Spectrum vibrational energy waves.

So how does it work?

I work with pure energy sound frequency vibrations using frequency music tailored to your needs that are played through my BodhiBed® sound and music vibration table.  Our water and bone content absorbs the sound waves and our body then vibrates to that music.  Every cell in your body vibrates; giving you a penetrating frequency massage resulting in significant stress and emotional tension release, soothing the nervous system and using music you listen to that quiets mind chatter.   You reach new levels of experience of calm, relaxation and clarity.  Your ability to deal with people, events in the higher emotional vibration range, and your connection with your own knowing of what’s next becomes easier.

I have many different sound frequencies and have found the Meridian Frequencies to be extremely effective.  These frequencies clear all the main meridian lines (as in acupuncture), while you deeply relax (no needles!).

You are more than you can see.

Our body is made up of our visible physical body and our invisible vibrational energy waves body.  Sound and colour vibration waves are easily absorbed into the colour spectrum aspect of our body and have a direct influence on harmonizing our vibration rate.  I take AuraEnergy photos, which shows the real you and your main chakra chi energy receiving centers.  These photos provide valuable information and insights into how open/closed/operating in balance your chakra energy centers are for receiving optimal health enhancing chi energy.  The before and after photos of Michelle’s above show how the pure energy of sound and colour frequency waves interact with your energy.

Plant Power!

Essential Oils offer us their healing power too.  Organic plant only derived oils carry specific energy hertz frequency vibrations that are also perfectly aligned to the energy of humans, and are effective in dissolving dense lower energy blocks.  I use a variety of high vibration oils and essences and particularly love using the Sacred Self self-love range of Alchemical oils.  I find these oils are very powerful and the large range provides just the right vibration needed to assist people in my process of shifting their lower emotional vibration blockages.  And they also smell so delicious!  These oils strike a resonance with you.  I receive many comments from clients saying how much they loved the personalized oil being applied and feeling specific reactions within themselves – a lovely confirmation.

My sessions are comprehensive and work directly to address what your need is.   Take a look at this video to find out more about how I work.  Looking forward to seeing you !

Thank you so much Julia, it really is fascinating and so powerful.

(Michelle) I experienced a couple of sessions with Julia recently, which were profound. It was deeply relaxing to feel the sound frequency vibrating through my body at a cellular level, as well as listening to the special music on headphones. At the same time, working with a specific intention and the various aromas as Julia applies the Alchemical oils at certain points during the session, make it a truly sensory experience.

I accessed a deeply peaceful space within me and received clarity about my intention. Over the following couple of days I continued to release some old patterns, but then on Day 3 felt really energised and clearer about a few things. It was fascinating to see the AuraPhotography from before and after my appointment, as per the photo above.  On the left is my auric field before and on the right is the after shot.  Julia explained to me the symbolism of the colour frequencies and what was occurring and it was very relevant. I highly recommend it!

To schedule an appointment contact Julia  in Sydney, at + 61 2 (0) 404 619 148 or info@innertranquillity.com.au  Take advantage of the AUGUST SPECIAL OFFER saving of nearly 25% off a session price! Limited spaces available.

I hope you have enjoyed this new segment.  Next time we hear from Kerry Belviso of Awaken Kinesiology.   If you are a holistic practitioner and would like to purchase wholesale Alchemical oils for your own practice, then please email me at sacred@sacredself.com.au

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