Every so often I love to highlight the special work of a holistic practitioner, who is using the alchemical oils to support their healing modality, whatever that may be. Today I’m delighted to share insights from the warm and caring Sue McDonnell, originally from Ireland, now based in Sydney.

A little bit about the work you are doing?

I work in a number of roles, and fortunately I love all of them. I am a coach, psychotherapist and energy worker, I work primarily with individuals, followed by teams (in a corporate setting) who want to move from success to significance. From a coaching perspective,  I work with people around desired feelings and goals that they want to experience. From an energetic perspective, I connect to my higher self, and work with the energy that’s present and empower the client to get in touch with what their heart or soul is yearning for.

How do you use the Alchemical oils to support what you are doing?

The Alchemical oils have been an integral part of my practice. Before an energy session, I connect with the energy that I want to create within me and then I find the oil that supports that, breathe in the beautiful aroma and say the affirmation. With my clients, I often finish the session with an angel card reading and ask them to intuitively pick an oil that they feel they need right now. It never ceases to amaze me how spot on everyone’s intuition is.

The reason I do it at the end of the session is because we have usually gone through some breathing exercises, a meditation and some releasing, so at that stage the individual is readily able to access their heart and soul for the guidance they need. I feel it is my job to support others to be their fully empowered self and this process has been an important one in allowing others to feel connected to themselves and what they need most at that time.

How do you feel they support you?

I can be quite in my head at times. I’m naturally a thinker, analytical and a Virgo, so can be self-critical. The oils help me to re-connect to my soul where there is no judgement, no past or present only now. The smell seems to work directly on my nervous system, bringing me firmly into the present and allow me to soften, expand and open up to the now.  They support the work that I do with my clients in an effortless and graceful way.

Any in particular that come up regularly?

Presence, Truth and Goddess are the ones that seem to show up in my practice. In my experience, a lot of women are connected to others’ needs and therefore can be disconnected from themselves and their body, so I love working with them to enable them to find a way to re-connect to themselves. Also really connecting someone into the truth of who they are and where they may not be honouring that within themselves. Goddess is about allowing women to connect with the Divine feminine within themselves and to bring that into the world.

Any specific examples you can give of situations?

Another way I use the oils is to ask people what do they want to embrace in their lives, for example I’m working with one woman who is having relationship issues and she wants to embrace the energy of intimacy, so we spoke about where she was lacking a connection with herself, how could she grow that intimacy within and from that place, bring intimacy into her relationship. We work with the energy of intimacy and I ask gentle questions of the person, so that they can relax into this area of their life and feel safe.

I also (for the first time) used the oils in a house blessing recently (I love this! MMM) where I asked my clients (a couple) as part of the consultation I did to choose some oils which would embrace the energy they wanted to create and embrace in their new home. This was a really beautiful way to get the conversation started about what they were creating together in their new home and where this was representative of the next journey of their lives together. They chose passion, freedom and sanctuary for what they wanted to create in this phase of their lives together. We spoke about what each of those meant to them and then I carried the energy and oils through the house and imbued the rooms with each of these intentions.

Any surprisingly or unusual experiences?

I was working with a very blokey bloke recently who was in a relationship and wanted to commit to his partner and couldn’t understand why he wasn’t able to. We did a short meditation together and the word forgiveness’ came to me. I asked my client did this have any resonance for him and he broke down in tears. He was previously married to a very successful woman, who had in his words ‘shattered his self-confidence’ so I asked (we’ll call him John) John would he like to do some work with his ex-wife. We called in her soul and John had a dialogue with his ex where he shared, from his heart what he felt sad about and he asked his ex-wife to forgive him for not being able to be present with her and be there for her emotionally. It was a really heart opening session for John, where he felt he really let a lot of baggage go, the update is, he and his partner have committed to having a child together and he feels so engaged and alive in his relationship, he has continued to do some very deep work with me and it’s paying off for him! (How beautiful! MMM).

I love understanding how Sue works with the Alchemical oils and how gorgeous to support the energy that the couple wanted to create in their home. I may be getting Sue around for when I move into my next place very soon! To find out more about Sue’s work see her site here.


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