Today we have a real treat – a combo of two of my favourite subjects – self-love and astrology.  I asked one of my favourite astrologers, Rozanna Bozabalian of the twinkly Astrosparkles for her take on this subject close to my heart.  I find astrology a fascinating tool to understand ourselves more deeply.  Read part 1 of this intriguing post 😉

Self-love.  Ask an astrologer to explain that subject and whatever way they tackle it, it’s likely to come back to revolve around a few common words.  Sun.  Moon.  Ascendant.  And then a few more .. like Chiron.  Saturn.  Maybe even Venus.

How these planets and chart points interact – or talk to one another – in your birth chart, will often indicate issues around self-confidence, self-esteem, self-love.  Or in fact whether there are any issues at all.

Posed another way, I might ask how often you look at yourself in the mirror?  Because looking into your natal chart is not just an exercise in self-discovery – it’s looking into a mirror. Do you like what you see?  What’s your perception – wrinkle or laugh line?  Are you likely to scowl at your reflection – or wink at it? Do you actually take just a cursory glance – or do you really look deep?

We’re all born with the same set of planets, asteroids, fixed stars and other chart points which spell out who we are going to be, what we are going to do, where we are going to go – and how we’re going to get there – the differences are that these players are scattered and sprinkled in different formations and settings for each of us, dependent on birth time, day and location.  And what our life journey is about. Just as our fingerprint is unique, so is our astrological print and flavour.

So back to that extremely important question of self-love.  What is it that makes one person confident and another less so?  Why is one person capable of loving who they are but another not?  What makes someone happy and content with being who they are?

Delving into a birth chart and from a basic view, three natal points hold the key to self-love – or in other words, how much we might like ourselves.  The two luminaries (often referred to as planets) – the Sun and the Moon – are big keys in deciphering the puzzle.  The SUN, which is all about core self and ego, the MOON, which is the emotional self.  And then there’s the ASCENDANT or Rising Sign –  which is who we show to the world.

In looking at a birth chart, look to these three players first, because in and of themselves, they speak volumes.  Even without looking at anything else, a person’s flavouring is going to be evident by the sign and house that their Sun, Moon and Ascendant occupy.  And then the delving begins.  Hard aspects to a natal Sun, easy aspects to a natal Moon, or mixed aspects to an Ascendant are contributors to who we are and why we do the things we do – and why we are all so very different from – or similar to – one another.

So what determines how much self-love, self appreciation and confidence you might – or might not – have?

Like an onion, there are just SO many layers.  We’ll take a look at a few possibilities on a VERY general level – and please remember I said VERY general level – so don’t panic!  Yes, a lot more does go into your make-up, but we have to start somewhere – and even with this general overview, you may still find yourself nodding your head as lightbulbs go off.

For starters, look to the CONDITION of the planet itself.  Planets are considered strengthened or weakened on a number of factors, depending on where they are found in your chart.  Planets in angular houses for example – the first, fourth, seventh and tenth houses – are said to be stronger – or accidentally dignified – because they find themselves in what are considered strong houses.   So a Sun or a Moon sitting in one of these houses is strengthened by its positioning.  And in looking at this as a stand alone feature for example (ie without considering aspects), an accidentally dignified – or strong – Sun is likely to show a healthy ego.  One quite capable of liking itself.

To be continued….

Hmmm intriguing. Meanwhile check out your chart for free at and see where those important planets are. Have a look at Astrosparkles popular Facebook page for more astrology news!  Have a very self-loving day 😉 and we will discover more tomorrow.

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