When I came to the end of 9 years of the ‘receiving and creating’ the 33 Alchemical oils in the self-love range, no-one was more relieved than me.  It was an incredibly challenging, hermit-like experience for much of that time. It was 2012 – thank goodness this was all over right?

The relief I felt was dramatic, that all of this ‘processing’ into my deepest recesses was over.  A sense of achievement but also excitement of moving into a new, more sociable, externally focussed chapter.

Imagine my surprise (horror) when I was innocently out walking one Saturday morning in April and saw before me the image of a blue bottle with ‘completion’ written on the label.  Initially I thought ‘that’s right. It is completion. The end of a long cycle’ and I immediately pushed the image to one side, telling myself ‘it’s very symbolic’.  The visual was there all day…I tried to ignore it.  Next morning I woke up and could still see it very clearly.  A bottle with a white label and the letters in rainbow colours and I could hear the words ‘I am complete. I am resolved. I am done’ and so I responded firmly ‘yes I am and that’s the end. It’s time for them to go out into world, spreading the importance of self-love.”

I was informed that yes the self-love range was complete but there would be other products created and “Completion” Alchemical was real, an actual oil that would be created at Rainbow Beach in June, around the time of the full moon. I was gobsmacked as I hadn’t even heard of Rainbow Beach and didn’t know where it was. I immediately consulted my best friend Google and saw that it did indeed exist, in Queensland, close to Fraser Island.  Apparently I had to go there, to ground the Rainbow Serpent energy I received 9 months previously at Uluru, where I underwent a profound experience as part of the creation process for Fatherlove Alchemical oilRead more about that here.

I was told to book the flights immediately or I’d talk myself out of going.  No surprises there as I was very resistant to taking this advice. This was bad timing for me financially, but I looked up flights and was surprised to get a return flight very cheaply for the requested dates. I then managed to book to stay at the best place in town, again very cheaply.  The time came around very quickly and as it got closer I learnt that it was actually the full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on 4th June so pretty potent energy.  The transit of Venus was also occurring from 5th-6th June and I learnt that one of the areas it was concerned with, was about completion and endings/new beginnings in matters of the heart and love. Wow!

Check out this photo and see this rainbow shaft of light that appeared on the floor after I had created the Alchemical oil on the morning of 5th June.

I realised that the light must be reflecting off something but couldn’t find what it was.  So I then placed the bottle on the floor on top of it and continued to meditate and received much personal guidance, about what was completing for me.

When I asked what the message of “Completion” oil was in general, I received this information:-

Completion Alchemical oil is about acknowledging and honouring the end of a long chapter, cycle or initiation period in your life.  Key to its message is celebrating how ‘far’ you’ve come – rather than how far you feel you have to go.  It is a reminder that you can choose in this moment to be complete, resolved and finished with a situation, a relationship, a behavioural pattern or a reactive response.   You don’t have to let situations and relationships drag on for weeks, months or years.  Again this is a choice. 

You don’t have to say ‘oh this is karma or we’re playing some patterns here from past lives’.  Granted that there may be some truth in it, but there is also more truth in the power of the present moment.  You don’t have to engage in these energies and play them out. You can choose to detach and disengage from either your own or others unhelpful behaviour if it’s not serving you.

You can decide instead to be the empowered observer and choose differently.  If you get caught up in patterns that don’t serve your highest path of empowerment, they keep you separate and hidden behind excuses for why you are not moving forward.  It is just another, more sophisticated form of victim mentality, when you use these explanations of karma, past lives or other plains of existence as a justification. Use ‘Completion’ as a tool for fully committing to owning all of your power in the present moment and letting the past remain in the past.  The past is merely where you have been; it is not who you are.  Choose an expanded consciousness and level of awareness.  Take full responsibility for yourself and be resolved and complete with outdated and unfulfilling patterns and behaviours.

Celebrate your life’s journey now.  There is nothing to ‘wait’ for.  When you are resolved and complete within yourself with regards to certain relationships or situations, miracles can occur.

As I left Rainbow Beach and drove away through the national park I could feel so much energy dissolving in my heart chakra and lungs (hence which is why I then got the flu no doubt!) and a sense of expansion.  I then received much information about how when people enter into committed relationships, they often feel a sense of ownership and want to bind the person to them.  And about how love is freely available to all and cannot be made conditional.  Anything conditional is not love.  As I inhaled the truth of this, I felt my whole Being expand and a knowing filled me that any future relationships would find me relating in a new way. 

Despite my initial reluctance of receiving “Completion” I then began to feel incredibly excited at what this could mean for me.  Watch this space…. (It’s quite bizarre to be reading this now 8 years later living in England with my now husband).

It’s a very strong smelling combination of angelica root, black pepper, cardamom and lemon essential oils.  It is very potent.  Is there anything that you would like to choose to be resolved and complete within you?

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