A few years ago when I first saw the image of a bottle of Babylove  I was baffled. I was informed it was being created on 9th September 2012, exactly a year after the creation of Fatherlove.  The affirmation for Babylove is “Divine creativity births through me”.

Having a child was not a focus and I was not in a relationship, so I felt puzzled.  I kept seeing a visual of the bottle in my awareness and then started to also see the image of a golden child inside a cobalt blue light with golden spirals of energy around it.  It was always just there in my periphery whilst I was out walking, going about my business during the day or even in the shower. The energy was extremely tangible and with me continually.

Divine creativity is eternally birthing through every atom in existence. We are creative Beings and our dreams and visions are perpetually in motion.  We can create purely for the sake of it, without needing to know why.  Sometimes we realise why afterwards and then it makes sense.   Give in to the creative urge, in whatever form that may take more often and see where it leads you.  Giving birth to a physical child is not the path for everyone, but there are unlimited ways that the creative force can manifest itself through you.

I kept being nudged to create a first wave of Babylove and share with whoever resonated with it at the time, which I did in September 2012.  However, it felt like such a huge energy and only the start of something so that when I asked “what is this about?” I received the following:


♥ Babylove Alchemical oil is for those who have experienced a miscarriage or abortion and may have unresolved feelings about those experiences.  There may also be inexplicable infertility for some which is causing pain and grief. It helps dissolve any residue, fragments or etheric cordings that may still be blocking the possibility of conceiving again or preventing creativity come forth in other ways. These experiences can be painful for those for whom having children is extremely important.  It’s natural to have stored much emotion in the physical body and etherically in our energy body, if there’s been turmoil not fully processed at the time.

♥ Babylove is helpful for those who have consciously chosen NOT to have a child but may have unresolved thoughts, beliefs or feelings about it. Even if you feel very clear about your decision, there can be unconscious beliefs or judgements preventing your unique expression from birthing itself.  You may also feel resistant to having a child, but are not sure why.

♥ Babylove is also for those who are choosing to consciously conceive and connect with the incoming soul that is going to birthed through them.  Babylove helps to integrate the Golden child light-body (I had no idea what this meant).  I now know, that the Golden children are the high vibration souls who are being born on the planet at this transformational time, birthing a high frequency of unity consciousness.  Even though they will naturally have their own life lessons, their souls will be more physically embodied.  The Mother, in particular, will undergo big changes on every level as she prepares to receive and integrate the consciousness of this soul and become one with it.

We are all creative beings by our very existence and when we have blockages (energetic or physical) in the sacral area, they can manifest in a myriad of ways relating to receptivity.  A major area to also examine is the relationship with our own parents, in particular our Mother.  Any resistance, judgements, beliefs and outstanding emotional pain that we are carrying towards our Mother can block our ability to ‘receive’ on multi-levels.

Motherlove Alchemical oil was received during this process over many years.  Check out this post on this topic here about how your ability to receive love is connected to your relationship with your Mother. Do you relate to any of those points? If you are having problems with conception or sustaining a pregnancy then this is a crucial area for you to consider and explore.  You can also check out the Motherlove 2 part Audio program here.   motherlove-e1368099194544-300x251

The energy of Babylove has consciously percolated for the last 18 months. It’s been bubbling away for much longer.  Each time I went to record a meditation or write any information about it, I kept being told ‘not yet’.  The whole theme seemed to drop off my radar and ‘go to sleep’. It then resurfaced again in the last quarter of 2013, when I was asked to contribute my experience of miscarriage to a collaborative ebook.  I don’t feel there’s any coincidence that this watery, womb-related topic has re-emerged as I move to live by the ocean.   There is also a FREE meditation to use with the Babylove Alchemical oil. Those who have already purchased Babylove will also receive it.

We create because we are alive and even after we transition out of this physical body, we are still an integral part of the creative process. It’s inevitable and inescapable.

What are you creating?

What is yearning to be birthed through you?  What will you give permission for today?

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