1. In 2008, I spent 8 months at the Casa with the world-renowned unconscious medium, John of God in Abadiana, Brazil.

It was the worst time of my life after an extremely challenging couple of years. I was very depressed and needed a drastic change of scene. I had a “physical” operation on the stage but didn’t know what was going to happen. My private intention was to let go of remaining blocks to self-love. I had my left breast cut open and it didn’t hurt. Apart from a strange pulling sensation it wasn’t painful, even when he was putting in stitches. It was a profound, mind-blowing experience and healed up very neatly. I’ve had more discomfort at the dentist. It was the most surreal experience to stand there with my eyes closed. I had strangers coming up to me for a week asking if I had breast cancer and if he was removing a tumour. It sounds cray cray, but it really didn’t hurt and witnessing ‘miracles’ was an everyday occurrence. Talk about getting over self-consciousness by having your boobs out in a room full of hundreds of strangers. One of my biggest takeaways from my time there was that there is how limited our perception can be about what is possible when we open our minds and hearts and live in the realms of possibility. (And yes I’m well aware of all the controversy that’s surrounded him in recent years – so no need to message me about it).

2. My childhood dream was to be a novelist and coming back to the UK re-awakened this dream. 

I started writing it unexpectedly in January 2019 and it’s been one of the hardest things I’ve ever tried to do. I’ve learnt all the ways ‘not’ to write a novel and made all the mistakes. Currently I’m pitching to literary agents – and so let’s see what happens.  In 2012, I co-authored “Love and Oneness“, in the best-selling Adventures In Manifesting series: featuring wonderful writers including Marianne Williamson, Lisa McCourt and Danielle LaPorte. I am also a co-author in “365 Moments of Grace”. These were really positive experiences contributing two short non-fiction pieces, that in no way prepared me for the brutal reality of writing and pitching a novel to be traditionally published. I’m remaining positive, seeing this in physical form and continuing to take action in the direction I want to go. That story is yet to reach its conclusion…

3. I moved to Australia, when I was 25 to get married. It feels like a lifetime ago. Someone else’s lifetime ago.

I look back on that time and it seems so young. I feel so much compassion and a little bit of awe for 25 year old fearless me, who set off on an adventure for love. No regrets. Every step has brought to me to where I am in this moment. I’m now back in the UK, living in magical Cornwall at Rosemere, in a little cabin in an enchanted forest with my wonderful husband. This is my paradise and I dream of you coming to have a creative retreat here one day.

4. At 19 I worked as an au pair in Paris to a 9 month-old baby girl, Betty and a 2 year old boy Benjamin.

Betty sounds much more exotic with a French accent, n’est ce pas? It was a huge confidence building exercise in solo travel and absolutely the best experience to improve my French. It was an influence in deciding to do a French A Level and ultimately a Modern Languages degree. I dreamed of moving to France (and now totally love Escape to The Chateau) but life and love happened. I went to Australia instead. See point 3. So many sliding doors moments in life. The best laid plans…..

5. Travel is one of my biggest pleasures since I was a young girl. It’s always been a powerful way to expand my perception (I know this is also a privilege).

However, I know the biggest learnings come from journeying deeply within. We don’t need to go to the airport for that experience. I fulfilled a dream several years ago when I flew over the Heart Reef in Queensland (see above photo that I took). Aaah it was incredible and I felt as though it was superimposed. Photos cannot do this natural beauty justice. If you ever doubt that magic exists, look to Mother Nature and witness her daily miracles.

6. I’ve had an eclectic work life, before my holistic work. I’ve always been multi-passionate and unable to choose ‘one thing’.

Now I know I’m a Manifesting Generator (Human Design) it makes complete sense to me.

I’ve worked as: a Report Writer in a private detective’s office; a Personal Assistant to a Managing Director, a Sponsorship Manager in a dance company; a cleaner in a psychiatric hospital; a barmaid; an au pair, a Procurement Manager for the world’s largest media company; an Export Clerk and a secretary on a children’s camp in the USA.

7. I’m an eternal student. (A quarter of my natal chart planets sit in Sagittarius – The Adventuress)

I’ve always been so curious about how the the world works and how everything is connected. When I started Primary School, my teacher called me
‘Miss 1001 Questions’ and it was not a compliment. I was told to always ask questions if I didn’t understand something and needed more information. I obviously took that a bit too much to heart. That year for Christmas, my mum bought me this book 🙂 Tell Me Why

8. I captured the image of the Rainbow Serpent at Uluru in 2011

During the creation process of Fatherlove Alchemical oil I was guided to go to Uluru. One morning I received the guidance from my guides “we’ve got a surprise for you this evening”. I went for a walk around the base, took some photos and soaked up the staggering beauty. It was all peacefully uneventful, so I was rather baffled. That night when I downloaded the photos onto my laptop, I was stunned at what appeared on the screen in front of me. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life and each time I look at the photo, I’m completely floored again. So much exists in the unseen realms and it feels like this was such a blessing for me. More here.

9. One of the most profound moments in my life, was when I was 4 years old and learning to read and write.

I was practicing writing the letters of the alphabet and covered a page randomly and asked my Mum’s best friend Mary if what I’d written meant anything. Mary informed me that I could create anything with words because they were magic – the absolute best thing to say! I still remember the goosebumps. I then went onto to become an obsessive reader and filled notebooks with my own stories. This moment has always stayed with me so vividly. 

10. For 45+ years, I’ve been a vegetarian. I never liked the smell, taste and texture of meat.

And after listening to a lady from ‘Oriflame’ talk to my mum about cruelty-free products (and how certain companies tested products in rabbits eyes), I was horrified by the idea of hurting animals in any way.Also, I truly believe that organic raw chocolate, raspberries, olives and wine are a part of this healthy diet. Lots of anti-oxidants, non?

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