I’m very excited that my podcast series Unclassified Woman is live in itunes.

 It also coincides with International Childfree Day on 1st August!

It’s for women who don’t have, or don’t intend to have children, but do intend to create a meaningful life they love. Unclassified Woman gives voice to the 25% of Western women who aren’t easily heard over the mother-focussed mainstream media. Part myth busting, part inspirational story sharing, the podcast features women living meaningful lives, sharing their experiences and insights, while questioning the expectations of women everywhere.

I have a dream that one day, women who don’t have children – for whatever reason (and there are a gazillion reasons why that may be the case) – no longer endure the unfair judgments placed upon them. My hope for these women, of which I am one, is that their worth as women isn’t measured by their ability to birth children, but rather by their ability to birth their true desires and contribute their gifts to the world.

 When a woman reaches  ‘a certain age’ with no children in sight, there usually ensues some very intrusive questioning.  These are just a few….

Are you infertile?

Isn’t that selfish?

Who’s going to look after you when you’re old?

Why don’t you have kids yet? 

Many women personally encounter so much confusion, criticism, judgment or pity.

My intention is that this podcast series is an inspiration for women who are ready to define life on their own terms and focus on their purpose, knowing that biologically giving birth is off their agenda (whatever the reason).

This does not mean that children are not a part of their life.

They may have step children, god children, beloved nieces and nephews and thoroughly enjoy the company of their friends’ children.

Now with 25% of women over 40 child-free by choice or childless through circumstance, it seems absurd to me that women still have to justify their decisions or endure pity about why they’re not mothers (in the traditional sense).

The reality is, as a society we still tend to over-celebrate mothers juggling ‘it all’, and under-celebrate women who, whilst not mothers, have created lives of purpose and service.

So rather than simply dream about this better world, I’ve decided to do something about it. 

To get the conversation started, I’ve created a Podcast Series that shatters myths and damaging stereotypes, while providing inspiring examples of women who are building lives beyond biological mothering.

I will be talking to inspiring women around the globe, who regardless of their situation are creating life on their own terms and have nuggets of wisdom to share with all women.

So if you are reading this, and you are at a point in your life where you feel isolated and are fed up of feeling judged,’ I’m here to tell you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  Each woman’s path in life is equally valid and sacred.

I’m so happy to share these interviews with you.

Check them out on Itunes here.

If you would like to suggest any wonderful women who you feel would be ideal to invite, then please comment in the box below. Thanks in advance x

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