A friend asked me today if I’m a good manifester.  I was pondering this question after our conversation “am I a good manifester?”  It made me reflect upon my intentions for this year.  It took me back to 25th December 2011 when I spent a few hours meditating and creating a 2012 vision board. It was a perfect day for this activity as it was also a new moon – the ideal time for planting new seeds of intentions.  I meditated upon writing more about the topic of self-love in a bigger way.  If you haven’t realised yet, it’s what I believe to be one of the most (if not THE most) crucial and transformative journey of our lives.

Over Christmas, I was reading one of the books in the bestselling Adventures in Manifesting series by Älska Publishing, created by founders Sarah Prout and Sean Patrick Simpson. These magical books are full of inspiring, real, heart-opening stories from people who have followed their dreams and created a life they love.   I decided I would love to be a part of one of these gorgeous books about love, writing about my journey of committing to 100% self-love.  The feeling was so strong that I was compelled to email, expressing my interest ‘just in case’ they were thinking of bringing out a new title any time soon.  Imagine my surprise when ten minutes later I received the following response back from Sean at Älska we are launching the next author opportunity for the Adventures in Manifesting books by February, if not sooner.  Sure enough, ‘self-love’ as a topic is more than likely going to be in one of our next editions.”   Good manifesting hey?

Understandably, I was excited! 😉   The chapter wrote itself and flowed through me over a couple of days and there was very little ‘effort’ involved.  This is what happens when we are crystal clear about what we would love to manifest and are in the flow.  It has been so exciting to be part of this inspirational series, which is changing people’s lives, one book at a time.

I am a contributing author in the “Love and Oneness” edition, alongside inspiring thought leaders, whose work I admire, such as Lisa McCourt and Danielle Laporte.

So what’s it about?

This amazing book peels back the layers of the human spirit to uncover your own exquisite beauty and unlimited potential. Whether you wish to attract your soul mate or twin flame, create more inner peace and harmony, or embrace the rising consciousness of love and oneness, these stories will inspire and guide you on your own journey. You’ll also discover how to feel blissfully comfortable in your own skin, release the pain of past relationships, and seek your own happily ever after from within. Each chapter is heart-warming for your soul, proving that with love anything is possible.  Sounds great doesn’t it? 

My dream is to create products that remind people to love themselves, so I want to create a special “Love and Oneness” experience to celebrate the launch of this inspiring book.   I have created a limited edition advance purchase special package with the following Self-love and Oneness bonus goodies, valued at $175 for $99.

signed copy of the fabulous “Love and Oneness“, a box of Self-love cards, 1 x Self-love Alchemical oil, 1 x Oneness Alchemical oil, a copy of my ebook 7 ways to love yourself“, a Sacred Self bamboo bag and a specially created “Love and Oneness” meditation audio.  This will include suggestions of how to use the oils and where to apply.  I will also include a sample bottle of another Alchemical oil that I will choose intuitively for YOU.                                      

Do you want to manifest more Love and Oneness?  Click here to order now. This offer is available until Wed 12th September.

So the answer is YES. I’m a great manifester of love.

How about you? What are you manifesting?


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