I’m so fascinated by astrology and what an effective tool it is to understand ourselves and the cycles in our lives. Check out this post by the fabulous astrologer Ezzie Spencer.

Ezzie Bio PicWhat’s Your Emotional Lunar Tide? 

Work Effectively with the Moon Cycles

Our lives move in cycles. Natural rhythms that are predictable and repetitive. When you pause and witness your own cycles, and the way that you think, act and feel at different times, you start to become more intimately connected with your own natural rhythms.

The more you connect with your own cycles, the more intuitive you become. It is a practical way to align with your own power and consciousness.

This article reveals practical ways to do just this.

You have many cycles: your daily circadian rhythm for example, and also weekly, monthly, seasonal, annual, cosmic rhythms: even bigger Saturn-returns-type cycles.

All cycles are important for understanding our mood and feminine productivity (no pushing!) but when you are starting to work with cosmic cycles, I recommend starting with the monthly lunar cycle.

Monthly = moon, of course.

Our emotional tide rises and falls with the lunar cycle.

As women, our menstrual cycle may be linked to the moon, but our bodies may not follow the received internet wisdom of menstruating on the New Moon and ovulating on the Full Moon—and that’s perfectly okay.

In western astrology, the moon is indicative of our feelings.

Tracking the moon is a way to see our own emotional rhythm more clearly. To witness our ebbs and flows, see our own emotional patterning, and become more aware of how we consistently are.

I see each lunar month as a mini-cycle. A perfect opportunity to pause and check-in with ourselves, with our dreams, our feelings, the direction we’re facing.

And the lunar cycle is eminently trackable, because the moon goes through the twelve zodiacal signs each month, and the same predictable short phases each month.

You can easily start tracking the lunar cycles now.

Start with the moon phases.

Get into the practice of noting how you are feeling at the time of the New Moon.

Do you feel quiet and introverted at the time of the New Moon?

Or, do you actually feel energised and ready to start new routines and projects?

Your feelings may differ depending on the sign of the zodiac within which the New Moon falls.

Each New Moon will fall in a particular zodiacial sign, and the entire lunar cycle ahead will be flavoured with the energy of that sign.

The New Moon is the perfect time to set an intention for the month ahead, and it’s ideal to align with the energy of the moonsign to boost your intention.

What does it feel like to you? Feel into your energy at the New Moon.

There are other major lunar phases too, but just start with tracking the New Moon.

When you’re ready to go deeper into your personal cycles,

You can actually work with your own personal lunar rhythm.

Personal lunar tracking is a very powerful and personal practice, and it explains why you may feel differently to your girlfriends each New Moon.

An upcoming New Moon, for instance, may actually be your natal chart FULL moon, so you can expect to feel in a celebratory mood (should that be your Full Moon pattern), or you may actually see a project come to fruition.

I work privately on the intimate cosmic rhythms of my clients, with resulting clarity around each month ahead. Casting a lunar return chart each month is a powerful and little-known way to reveal what other cyclical energies will be at play for you during the month ahead, and your personal power days.

Put simply, lunar astrology is an extraordinary tool that can help you map out your life, your relationships, your business, and your projects.

Do you already track the moon in this way? How has it helped you in your life and business? Tell me in the comments. I love to hear your stories.  I cannot wait to work with Ezzie to look at my power cycles.  You can also find out more about Ezzie’s services here.

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