Each essential oil has its own little (or big) personality, qualities and specific attributes that can impact us therapeutically on many levels, This is what makes them the amazing supportive, divine tools from Mother Earth that they are!

When you are consciously working with embracing a specific quality or energy in your life, essential oils are a wonderful support to reinforce this intention.   The power of aroma and memory  is indisputable and it’s a very effective way of programming your mind. You can use a specific essential oil or combination as a reminder of your intention. 

The olfactory bulb in our brain is associated with smell and ties in with other areas where we store memories with emotional connections and also learning experiences that can be embedded over time. This can be why certain smells just make us feel happy – or we may feel averse to a certain smell that reminds us of something unpleasant. It’s so personal.

Smell is also strongly linked with attraction and apparently this is how we unconsciously determine if someone is a ‘mate’ for us, based on pheromones and whether or not we deem someone’s ‘aroma’ compatible. This is just a tiny insight into how powerful and impactful our sense of smell is in our lives.   

 Have you chosen a guiding word or intention for the coming year? 
Consider how you want to feel. 
I have been working through Susannah Conway’s FREE gift of “Unravelling the year ahead” which I do each year. Over the next few days I will create a blend that supports my word…..
So what’s your word? 
This will guide you to your signature oil for the year. Then you make use of the essential oils that you already have in your collection or treat yourself to one.
Here are a few examples:
Geranium is the archetypal ‘Mother’ of essential oils: loving, nurturing, balancing and compassionate.
Lavender is ‘Grandmother’ and offers support and reassurance and is often said to be the “Rescue Remedy” of essential oils, telling us that everything will be ok.

Sweet Orange is a happy, joyful bottle of liquid sunshine for when we need a boost. 

 Cedarwood embodies courage, providing solidity in times of uncertainty and helps us to remain strong when we are wavering.

Lime brings in the quality of trust and reminds us to trust the wisdom of our heart. It is optimistic and playful.

Would you like me to create something especially for you, a very magical, sacred experience that takes place over a number of days.  That’s a Sacred Scent experience. 

Here’s to a beautiful aromatic year for us all!

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