One of the questions I get asked regularly is ‘which alchemical oil do I need?‘.  I understand that people can feel overwhelmed by choice as there are 33 in the self-love range.  Another explanation is because we don’t trust our intuition as we are used to asking for advice from others, whether it’s friends, family or practitioners.  Another reason could be that we want a quick fix and for someone to tell us the answer, rather than finding it within ourselves.  When we abdicate responsibility for ourselves, it can be very disempowering.  My sacred mission is to create reminders that lead you back to you – and your love and wisdom.  I know that you have the answers.

So I’ve created a brief video for you and included a few extra questions in the text below. These are also questions I send to someone before they have a Self-love Mentoring Session, so they can contemplate what is occurring and how they feel right now. In this way, it brings whatever is most important into their awareness – whatever is ready to shift.

The purpose is so they can focus their energy in their body in the present moment and connect with their wisdom.  Watch the video and check out the image with the 33 Alchemical oils and corresponding affirmations.

Consider the following:

Ask yourself:

What’s one word for how I’m feeling right now?

Where do I feel this in my body?

Can I allow this to just be there and give it my full attention?

What feels ready to shift within me?

Is there something I’m ready to let go?

Is there a pattern that I’ve noticed recently?

Can you see any themes emerging?

Allow yourself to really dig in and sit with each question.

See the image below which lists the 33 Alchemical oils in the self-love range and their corresponding affirmations.

Just let your eyes gently move and absorb them all, while noticing any reaction within your body. Observe if a word or a colour jumps out at you and how you feel.

self-love affirmations

Notice how your body is feeling in response to each one and if there is any reaction in any particular part of your body. Do you notice any contraction or expansion? Is there any emotion or feeling that comes to the surface?

Just allow it to be there and let yourself be the observer.

Which 2 affirmations or words are most attracting my attention?

What is my priority at this moment?  You will know gorgeous.

NB: these are NOT to be used in the oil burner. Here are some suggestions of how to use.

So tell me in the comments below how you went?  Please share this post with anyone you feel would benefit.


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