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Womb Awakening

So what is Womb Awakening about?

Many women today, when contemplating their womb space, sadly feel associations of pain, discomfort and inconvenience. Life experiences tied to the menstrual cycle, the pill, sexuality and fertility are not always pleasurable and joyful. The majority of women do not necessarily celebrate these natural cycles, as this is not something that we learn. It’s time for this to change so we can harness this power within.

The blueprint of creation birthed by the Cosmic womb is held in the feminine womb space. This contains the deepest mysteries and magic of existence. The Ancients honoured the womb as the seat of intuition and primordial power. They lived in accordance with the creative cycles of life, death and rebirth.

What if there is a way to transform your relationships, ignite creativity, sensuality and connect more deeply to your most sacred self?

You do not need to look outside yourself. The answers are within. Yet after centuries of our womb wisdom and magic being undermined, ignored and reduced to only a painful function, is it any wonder you feel unsure of your innate power?

By awakening the power that resides within your physical body, you can heal your shadow, reclaim your destiny and access your innate gifts and wisdom.

The womb is the mystery of all mystery schools.

Is it time to reconnect to your magical, creative centre from which everything is birthed into existence? This is the source from where you create everything in your life.  So what is it that you ready to birth?

Womb Awakening is an embodied feminine spirituality, which works in sacred partnership with the masculine energy. 

By integrating the power of the feminine, you are not only awakening on a personal level, you are contributing to a collective transformation of your global sisters and brothers. 

Many women are seeking a spirituality that is more embodied and honouring of their feminine energy.


Many spiritual paths focus on ‘ascension’ and energy ‘rising’ up and out of the body. So often we are told to focus on cleansing the ‘brow chakra’ in order to develop our intuition.

Yet the seat of your deepest intuition is in your womb (or hara for men) and as you focus on creating balance and harmony here, this will naturally flow into to other parts of your Being.

It’s no wonder that over time, focusing ‘up’ and out of the body, we’ve learnt to disconnect from our innermost selves, what I call your Sacred Self, as well as Mother Gaia and from each other. We hear so much about cosmic ‘downloads’ which again refers to ‘external wisdom’ all ‘out there’, but what about the ‘uploads’ from your own wisdom and also Mother Gaia? 

There is much misunderstanding and misuse of  the phrase “the feminine”.  Let me tell you: it’s not all about pretty flower crowns and crystal mandalas (lovely though they are!).

Now is the time to reconnect and reclaim your own body’s wisdom and feeling state, which will bring you into deeper communion with humanity. Our physical body is the vehicle for this earthly existence. Our feelings are divine messengers that contain so many gifts and are a key to unlocking our intuition.

Your womb is not only a place where new life is created, – it’s a sacred portal that holds the secrets of your true power.

Awakening your womb involves releasing and clearing this sacred space, which leads to more creativity, love, passion, peace and clarity. When you feel secure, trusting of life and are comfortable in your own skin you can’t help but attract more healthy experiences.

What does the process of Womb Awakening look like?

The process of Womb Awakening brings the masculine and feminine energies back into balanced sacred union and creates a necessary foundation for our next evolutionary shift. It may be a magical process, but it’s anything but light and fluffy. Actually it’s about becoming more comfortable with excavating in the dark with your shadow and finding the gold. 

As you experience Womb Awakening, you will:

  • Work with the elements of your internal medicine wheel, which create the building blocks of your life.
  • Explore your shadow and heal your ancestral lineage. Often we are carrying genetic patterns and beliefs that do not belong to us.
  • Open the Grail Gates of your womb in a sacred spiral journey as each gate holds the gifts of feminine consciousness, love and creative power.
  • Let go of the belief that you can control all outcomes to access your deepest feminine gifts.
  • When you willingly and consciously dive deeply into the wisdom of your body, this can bring to the surface a wide range of disowned and repressed feelings. What have you been storing?
  • Be supported through any rising emotions such as anger, rage, grief and even terror may arise as you choose to accept and embrace all parts of your wounded consciousness.

What are the 7 Keys of Womb Awakening?

Based on my own life experience, spiritual journey and healing work background, I resonate with these 7 principles and keys, shared by my mentors at the Fountain of Life, Dr Azra & Seren Bertrand. 

1. The womb births the collective energy of the world

Key: A woman’s womb vibration literally weaves the world into being.

2. The womb is the ‘holy grail’ of all Ancient religion and myth

Key: There is a lost feminine Womb Religion that is calling for remembrance.

3. The womb connects us to the Great Cycles of life

Key: The womb is guardian of the ancient Feminine Resurrection Mysteries.

4. The womb is the Mother of the Sacred Sexual Mysteries

Key: Awakening the womb allows sacred sexual life force to flow again.

5. The womb bridges the Masculine and Feminine into union

Key: Within the womb-memory is the vibration of primordial union.

6. The womb is the Chalice of Sacred Soulmate union

Key: The womb is the cauldron of initiation for both men and women.

7. Our womb power is the seat of the Creative Dragon Energies.

Key: Our womb power connects us to primordial creative energies.


Are you being called to connect to your Sacred Self?

Your gifts are stored deeply within: precious jewels that are waiting to be unwrapped.


Womb Awakening is a choice to call forth your feminine self and feminine soul out of slumber.

Have you heard the call?

The feminine energy has been unbalanced for thousands of years due to an overly dominating patriarchal ruling. So at this time, many women (and men) are choosing to reclaim their innate wisdom and create harmony between the masculine and feminine energies.

You are not alone on this path.

Your ancestors are within you, cheering you on, as are many of your guides and soul mates. If you are reading these words and this feels true to you, then welcome. Even if you no longer have a physical uterus, this is still relevant for you. You can never lose your connection to this magical creation portal.

Welcome to your Sacred Self

Prior to your first session you will receive a short questionnaire in order to stir the cauldron and bring to the surface what most needs loving attention at this time.

I will send this to you once you have booked your session and we have confirmed a time.

Ready to dive into your deepest wisdom?

Sessions take place on Skype and so wherever you are on this amazing planet is perfect.

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Want to get closer to your truth? '7 Days of Truth-telling' FREE eCourse

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